What Are the Yellow Orange Green and Red Dots on iOS 14?

You've probably noticed strange behavior on your iPhone or iPad. When you use the microphone or camera, the dots will appear in the Control Center. When they're not in use, they'll fade away. You can also view the last apps that used the camera and microphone in Control Center. This feature can be very helpful if you're concerned about privacy. Read on to learn more about these virtual dots.
  • Apps that are actively using the Camera
iOS 14 has introduced new features to protect your privacy while using your camera and microphone. You can now see a green dot on your iPhone's notification bar whenever an app is actively using the camera or microphone. 
This new privacy feature is similar to the green light you see on Macs when you use the webcam. However, it is a better way to make sure that your privacy isn't violated by apps that are actively using your camera and microphone.
With iOS 14, it's possible to tell who's watching you while you use your camera on iOS 14. This new feature lets you delete apps that are actively using the camera in the background. In addition, iOS 14 adds several privacy features to help you protect your privacy and keep track of apps that are actively using your camera. 
However, these features don't necessarily apply to every user. While you may find them useful, you should always check the privacy settings of apps before deleting them.

  • Apps that are actively using the Microphone
You may have noticed that an orange dot has been appearing on your home screen when an app is actively using your microphone. This is a sign that an app is requesting microphone access. However, this does not mean that the app is using your microphone without your consent. 
You can revoke this access in the Settings app to control how your phone handles microphone usage. To turn off the microphone, go to Settings > General> Accessibility.
Ensure that you have disabled all permissions for apps that use your microphone and camera. Tap the "Do not allow" button and then swipe up. This will close all the apps on your phone. Once you've done this, open the Control Center and scroll down to Privacy > Microphone. 
If you see the microphone icon, click on it to disable it. Otherwise, tap on the corresponding green button to disable microphone access.

  • Apps that are using the Camera
The iOS 14 update introduced some new privacy tools for apps that use the camera. These tools force apps to be more transparent in how they use the camera and microphone. If you use the camera on your iPhone, it's important to pay attention to apps that request this permission. 
Make sure you check your Camera settings and Privacy settings to make sure these apps don't have permission to use your camera. Also, when an app requests camera access, you can ask it to stop.
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  • Apps that are using the Microphone
In iOS 14, if you are concerned about the use of a microphone and camera, you can turn off the functionality of these apps through the Settings app. To turn off microphone and camera access, tap the Privacy and Safety option in the Settings menu. 
Scroll down to the Apps section and tap the toggle switch next to the microphone or camera icon. Toggle the switch off to disable the function. You should now be able to block all apps from using your microphone and camera.
iOS 14 also comes with additional security features to prevent unauthorized access. Control Center will notify you when apps are accessing your microphone or camera. Another privacy feature that iOS users can enable is an alert that lets them know when an app is using the clipboard or microphone. 
Jeremy Burge, a Twitter user, noticed that this notification was appearing more than he expected. At first, he assumed it was a bug but later realized that it was actually a notification from TikTok.