How to Fix the iTunes iPhone Driver Not Installed Error on Windows 10 Or Mac

If you've been experiencing the iTunes iPhone Driver Not Installed Error on your computer, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll walk you through the steps necessary to fix this issue on Windows 10 or Mac. After completing these steps, your PC should be able to connect to your iPhone and play iTunes without any problems. 
However, you must first unlock your iPhone. After that, you need to connect it to your PC. Once it's connected to the PC, exit iTunes, and open Device Manager by right-clicking the Start button. Then, click on the section that has your iPhone and select Update Driver. Hopefully, this will install the latest software for your iPhone.

Fixing iTunes Driver Not Installed Error on Windows 10

To fix the iTunes Driver Not Installed Error, you will first need to check if the device you're trying to connect to is actually connected to the computer. If it is, it's likely that you have an outdated version of iTunes. To fix this, you should either update your Windows system, or download and install the latest version of iTunes. 
After downloading the latest version, you should check whether your device is detected by iTunes. If so, you can proceed to install the new version of the driver.

To update your operating system, open the Windows Store from the taskbar and choose "Download & Updates." Then, search for the version of iTunes you're trying to install and click it. The update should take about 15 minutes or less. If you still don't see the update, reinstall iTunes. This should solve your iTunes Driver Not Installed issue. If you continue to experience the error, you should update your OS as well.

Similarly, you can update the driver of your Apple device by right-clicking on the Start menu and selecting "Device Manager." Click "Portable Devices" and expand the thread until you see the Apple iPhone option. You may also want to check if your Windows 10 operating system has any background activities or security software that prevent iTunes from installing. This can cause the iTunes driver not to install an error on Windows 10.

If you still see the 'Driver Not Installed' error after doing one of the above methods, you may need to try updating the USB driver on your device. In some cases, upgrading your USB drivers can fix the issue, but this option won't work if you've already updated Windows. You can also try reinstalling iTunes if you don't get any other solutions.

Fixing iTunes Driver Not Installed Error on Mac

To fix this problem, reinstall iTunes, which should resolve the 'Driver Not Installed Issue. If this does not solve the problem, try updating Windows or updating the device drivers. Both of these processes can help fix the 'Driver Not Installed' error. Although reinstalling iTunes won't delete the iPhone backups and music library, you should still have access to them.

To update Windows, first, open the Windows Store on the taskbar, then select "Download & Updates." Then search for iTunes updates. If you're unable to find the update, you may need to uninstall and reinstall iTunes. 
Once you've updated Windows, try downloading iTunes again. It's important to update your device drivers to avoid such problems. If this solution still doesn't fix iTunes driver error, the next step is to update iTunes.

Once iTunes is updated, try to uninstall any other applications that may have conflicted with it. For instance, antivirus applications could have been causing the issue. Disabling these apps will solve the problem. If this doesn't work, try uninstalling the next app on your list. 
After removing any unnecessary apps, make sure that you update your computer to the latest version. After the update is done, reinstall iTunes and you should see the issue fixed.
Using Device Manager can help fix the iTunes driver issue. This utility is available through the Start menu and expands the Portable Devices thread. Click on the list of devices and look for the latest version. In case you've installed an older version of iTunes, you can upgrade its driver by downloading it from the official Apple website. It's a great way to fix the iTunes driver not installed error on Mac. And, of course, it's free.