How to Flash Stock ROM Firmware on Intel-Powered Android Devices With Intel Platform Flash Tool 

If you are using an Intel Edison board, you can successfully flash stock ROM firmware by using the Platform Flash Tool. This article will cover the steps required to start the process, including setting up the Intel Flash Tool in DNX mode, ensuring that it can see the Edison board, and successfully flashing stock ROM firmware. 
It also covers how to use the tool to flash other firmware updates. We'll also cover how to use the command-line interface of the Intel Platform Flash Tool to perform board flashing.

  • DNX mode
In order to use DNX mode for Intel Flash Tool, you must have a device running Intel dual OS operating system. You can find the tool on another page by clicking on the manufacturer's name. Now you must enter the VID and PID of your device. 
Next, locate the firmware file for your Dual OS Tablet device. The file will be called Flash_UserDbug.xml. After that, click on the tool's 'Ready to flash' button.
After selecting the correct device, you can now run the flashing process. The process can be repeated with another device with the same model and DNX mode. Once you have finished, you can power off the device. 
Then, you should follow the instructions to update the BIOS. After the installation process is complete, reboot your system. You can then try again. If you encounter any problems during the flashing process, you can reinstall the BIOS.

  • Ensure that the Intel Platform Flash Tool is able to see the Edison board
Ensure that the Intel Platform Tools is seeing the Edison board before you start to flash its firmware. The Edison board contains an operating system, analog, and digital controls, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other features. 
It is essential that you have the most recent firmware for the Edison board before you begin to flash its firmware. If you do not have this firmware installed, you will need to download and install the latest version.
Once you've installed the drivers, you're ready to install the firmware. Make sure to install the FTDI driver for the console, as well as the Edison-specific USB driver. To do this, go to the bottom of the page and click on the link labeled "Windows Driver Setup 1.0.0." Follow the wizard and install the Edison board drivers. Then, reboot the computer and check if the Intel Edison board is visible.

Successfully Flash Stock ROM Firmware

You can successfully flash Stock ROM Firmware on Intel-powered Android devices with the help of the Intel Platform Flash Tool. The latest version of this tool is compatible with most Android devices. It features an intuitive user interface that makes flashing stock firmware simple. 
It is recommended that you have a backup of your personal data before proceeding with the process. After flashing the stock ROM, you can use the new version of the tool to install the latest version of your device.
Before you can successfully flash Stock ROM Firmware on your device, you must download the right tool for your operating system. If you are using Windows, make sure to install the correct drivers and Intel platform flash tool
Once these are installed, you can start the process of flashing stock ROM firmware on your device. If the process is successful, you can disconnect the phone from the PC and reboot it.

Intel Platform Flash Tool v5.8.4.0

Platform Flash Tool Lite