How to Hide Mouse Cursor on MacOS

If you want to hide the mouse pointer on macOS, you've probably wondered how to do it. Generally, the mouse pointer on macOS never disappears by itself, but there are ways to do so. One of the easiest ways to do this is by installing the Cursorcerer software, a small tool available for download from the Mac App Store. Once installed, Cursorcerer will appear in the system preferences as a new option.

Option+Control+K Keyboard Shortcut

To hide the mouse cursor on MacOS, simply press the comma or full stop key on your keyboard. This keyboard shortcut will hide the cursor when you are not in an app but will remain visible if you want to move the mouse. It will also work for any application, not just MacOS. If you want to use this keyboard shortcut in other applications, you can disable the program in its preferences.

  • iStat Menus
iStat menus use a standard implementation of NSStatusItems. This means that the cursor doesn't disappear under the notch. In order to force the cursor to disappear, however, you must configure iStat Menus to launch automatically when your Mac starts. To do this, open iStat Menus and click on the "pause" button to the right of the "Global" text. Then quit the iStat menus app and remove the iStat Menus Helper.

  • Cursorcerer
In certain circumstances, the pointer should disappear automatically, such as when presenting or watching a video. However, this feature doesn't always work, and sometimes the OS or an app will prevent it from disappearing. If you find this frustrating, you can install Cursorcerer, a free utility that will enable you to hide the cursor in all applications. You can use the utility by typing the shortcut Option+Control+K and pressing Enter.

  • Hot Corners
Hot Corners are your answer if you're looking for a quick way to hide the cursor on MacOS. Hot Corners are designated corners on the screen that trigger specific actions when clicked. The bottom-right corner is already configured to create a Quick Note, but you can change this to any corner in the system. In addition, using Hot Corners is faster than using keyboard shortcuts to hide the cursor.

  • Changing Pointer Size

Changing the size of the MacOS pointer is easy. To change the size of your cursor, open System Preferences and select Accessibility. On the Pointer tab, you can change the outline and fill color of your pointer. If you prefer a different color, you can open color views and adjust the swatch accordingly. This feature is useful for users with low vision, but it can also make your work more tedious.

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If you've ever noticed that your Mac's cursor has suddenly disappeared from the screen, there's a simple solution to fix this problem: resetting the system's NVRAM or PRAM. This will bring back the default system settings. This method will not delete any personal data. However, it may not work in every situation. For the most part, it will restore the cursor in most apps.