If you're a gym owner, you're probably looking for the best gym membership management software. There are several options on the market, including Serpent, Booknetic, Zen Planner, and Mindbody. The pros and cons of each one are discussed below. Weigh your options before making a final decision. Whether you want a feature-packed program or something more customizable, we've got you covered. Listed below are a few of the most popular options for managing member data.

Booknetic Membership Management Software

If you're a fitness center owner or manager, you'll be impressed by Booknetic's membership management software. This software can streamline business administration procedures and boost targeted sales revenue by 15%.
It can integrate with Zoom software to live stream workout sessions for trainers. It also includes an online logbook to keep track of a member's progress. In addition, Booknetic has a number of add-on features, such as an AI assistant that can help with front-end customer support.
The WordPress appointment booking plugin from Booknetic provides multi-purpose solutions for fitness studios and gyms. The booking form, for instance, is easy to customize and is scalable, which means it can be used on any device.
Similarly, Booknetic's Calendar integration makes it convenient for coaches and attendees to schedule their sessions. As a result, Booknetic can help fitness studios and gyms of any size increase their customer satisfaction and retain their existing members.

Serpent GYM Membership Management Software

If you run a fitness club, you probably know that Serpent gym membership management software is a great way to keep track of members and their activity. Not only does it record each member's task details, but it also tracks each member's life cycle and identifies members' BMI graphically.
It can even be used to track trainers' information and HR details. With Serpent, you can easily configure exercises, manage trainers, and view all of your member's details.
If you run a gym, Serpent can help you manage all aspects of your membership business, from billing and accounting to managing the team and members. Its features range from a free trial to paid plans that include multiple employees. 
There are also several paid plans to fit any budget and needs. Try out the free version for a month to see how it works for you. You'll get unlimited messaging, scheduling, tasks, and file storage.

Zen Planner GYM Membership Management Software

The Zen Planner gym membership management software system is an all-in-one web-based solution for running a fitness studio, martial arts school, or gym. It features a self-service kiosk iPad app, an engaging member app for Android, and integrated payment processing.
Among its many features are membership billing and advanced workout tracking. Its comprehensive functionality also features automatic invoicing and automated billing. Zen Planner is ideal for single-location fitness studios.
Zen Planner includes payment processing, and no startup or contract fees. The software comes with free one-on-one training sessions with an Onboarding Coach and offers a satisfaction rate of 98%. It also includes payment processing through Ezidebit, PaySimple, and PaySafe.
In addition, it can track and manage all types of payments, including credit card processing. Ultimately, this is the best option for fitness facilities.

Mindbody GYM Membership Management Software

If you run a fitness center or small gym, Mindbody gym membership management software is an excellent solution. It includes features for scheduling appointments online, waitlist management, and automated scheduling, as well as an integrated mobile app that can be used to book classes and monitor client attendance. 
In addition to managing your facilities, Mindbody allows you to automate the in-person check-in process and send chimes to alert clients of their arrival.
The most powerful features of MindBody gym membership management software include customer service and marketing features. The company's two-way SMS feature enables support teams to help members in a fast and convenient way. 
AI also automates the processes of common questions and class booking links. In addition, MindBody's learning paths and certification program are designed to increase your bottom line by improving your gym's online presence and marketing.

Virtuagym GYM Membership Management Software

In the fitness and health industry, the best gym membership management software is something that makes life easier. Virtuagym helps gym owners manage their business better through its features like streamlined training plans and reusable workout templates.
You can also customize the software by using its workout editor to create a custom workout. Virtuagym offers over 4,000 exercises and a library of fitness targets so you can customize the workout to suit your unique needs.
Besides managing members' accounts and boosting revenue, Virtuagym can also automate business processes. The software helps gym owners manage membership fees, integrates marketing communications, and streamlines administrative workflows.
Its robust features make it an excellent choice for both small and large gyms. But before settling for fitness management software, you should check out its free trial. This way, you can see whether the software will help your gym succeed.
  • TeamUp Fitness
If you're looking for a fitness management software platform, you've come to the right place. TeamUp has an intuitive design and is highly customizable. It allows you to customize newsletters, emails, and forms to collect client data.
You can even set up your own team page, which can reflect your personal branding while being professional and easy to navigate for clients. TeamUp also allows you to track your client's payment history and attendance.
This cloud-based software can handle a wide range of administrative tasks for personal trainers, gyms, and fitness studios. Its CRM module lets you keep track of your clients, edit their information, and source new leads.
You can customize your membership plans, manage multiple classes, and send automated communications to your clients. It also features a mobile booking app so you can manage classes from anywhere. You can even connect with students using TeamUp's messaging system.