EMV Smart Card Reader DriverWhen your EMV Smartcard Reader is not working, your computer may shut down repeatedly, prevent you from accessing saved data, or cause your hard drive to malfunction. The good news is that the problem is easy to fix. Although updating drivers can be time-consuming, you can avoid all of these problems with the help of the latest software. Read on to learn how to install and update your reader's driver.

ActivClient Does Not Recognize a CAC in Reader

If you've installed the ActivClient software on your computer and have a CAC reader, you may have noticed that ActivClient does not recognize the CAC in your reader. This message will pop up on the screen and you may want to disable it. 
After the program has recognized the CAC in the reader, you can use it to access DoD-CAC-enabled websites. If the program is unable to recognize the CAC, you can reboot the PC or remove the card from its slot.
If you're using Windows, make sure you've selected the correct CAC in the CAC tab. To check the CAC certificate, go to the Certificates window and double-click any of the certificates. In the Advanced tab, you'll see a section called "Subject Alternative Names." The next column on the page shows the User Principle Names. 
This name must match the LOGIN NAME of your Active Directory account.

To resolve this issue, you must download the ActivClient hotfix. This hotfix is not compatible with Windows XP and Vista systems. If you're using Windows 7, you'll need to install ActivClient 6.2. This is a prerequisite for using the ActivClient software with the CAC reader. If you're using Windows 8, you won't need to download the hotfix.

ActivClient Fails to Connect to Reader

If you encounter issues with your EMV smart card reader, you should know how to fix it. The most common cause of EMV reader problems is a bad smart card reader. This can lead to unpredictable shut-downs, data loss, and a malfunctioning hard drive. 
To fix the issue, you should first uninstall the old EMV Smart Card Reader Driver and then reinstall it. Then, reboot your computer and try again.
The ActivClient driver is responsible for connecting the smart card reader to the computer. However, if this EMV Smart Card Reader Driver does not exist, the problem will occur when inserting the smart card. It will then display an error message. 
If you have the same error message, you can download the latest driver from Microsoft's website. You can also use the drivers supplied with the device.
The reason why ActivClient fails to connect to the EMV smart card reader driver is due to the fact that the driver does not support the latest version of the EMV specification. 
The latest Windows 7 Drivers contain a new version of the reader that will work on your operating system. However, if this EMV Smart Card Reader Driver is still incompatible with your system, you should try uninstalling it and installing it again.

ActivClient Does Not Detect a CAC in Reader

If you are using the ActivClient 6.1 software to sign in to Windows-based computers, you may have noticed that the reader does not recognize a CAC. CACs are not supported by a cooler, which only reads PIV smart cards. 
You will need to reformat the card before you can use it for cooking. If the problem persists, try the ActivClient software instead. This program will not read a CAC unless the card reader has a built-in Smart Card service.

If you are using ActivClient for Windows, you must switch to Firefox or Internet Explorer in order to enable the CAC. For instructions on how to install Firefox on your PC, visit the Firefox support page.
After you install the software, follow the instructions provided to activate the CAC. After you have completed the installation, you will be able to use the smart card reader and access DoD-enabled websites.

EMV Smart Card Reader Driver Windows 7/8/10/11 64 Bit