On this page we are sharing an Intel WIDI Software for Windows 7 computers, Intel's Wireless Display technology, (WiDi), allows you to wirelessly stream your computer's display to another display device such as a TV or HDMI Monitor. This applies to audio/video files as well as photos. It was designed from the ground up for flawless compatibility with Windows 7 and other consumer-facing operating systems by Microsoft. 
This makes it one of the most convenient ways to share multimedia content among supported devices. Intel WiDi media share is a simplified application that uses the technology provided by "WiDi", Intel Wireless Display. It was created in 2010 and has been actively developed up to 2015.

Installation and use of Intel WiDi Software

How to Install WiDi Software

  • It is recommended that you install the latest drivers for Intel Wireless Display technology and the latest driver for your integrated device before installing this app. Intel GPU. This will ensure that your computer or laptop can transmit wirelessly to any supported screen in your environment.
  • Installation package Intel WiDi Media Share Windows 7 supports 32-bit as well 64-bit versions (and any newer OS from Microsoft). Follow the simple instructions on the screen to complete the installation and restart your computer or laptop.
  • You will notice many more options in the app than the basic configuration utility for the basic WiDi driver. The app's main purpose is to provide you with all the tools and shortcuts necessary for casting content stored on your local storage.
Features of Intel WiDi Software For Windows 7
  1. Sharing multimedia seamlessly between your Intel laptop & compatible TV is now possible.
  2. There are no restrictions on the type or length of multimedia files that can be shared.
  3. You can easily navigate to your laptop storage and find multimedia files that you want to stream.
  4. You can sort files by Date, Type, or Name with built-in tools
  5. All Intel laptops and desktop PCs running Windows 7 OS or newer are supported.
  6. Built on top of the Intel Wireless Display (WiDi), technology.
Intel WiDi Software for Windows 7
The application's interface is simple and streamlined. The application's left side features a large directory and file list that can be displayed on large TV screens. The icons on the lower right are for sorting files by name, date, or type. There is also a standalone icon. tool to hide folder icons. 
The connectivity tool and the basic settings area are located at the top of the window. You can run the app in fullscreen mode on your laptop. WiDi drivers will cast the entire desktop to any compatible screen. You can choose whether your desktop will be mirrored or extended on your TV using the WiDi configuration.

  • These items are required to use WiDi:
  • A compatible Intel WiDi PC with WiDi software
  • WiDi compatible Wireless Display Adapter, such as a certified Wireless Display Adapter (or display device).
  • This device can be connected to your high-definition TV.

Recommendations for configuration:
  • These tips will ensure you have the best possible experience.
  • Stream media files saved on your computer and not wirelessly over the Internet.
  • Connect your computer with a network cable to stream Internet content. Then, stream the content to your WiDi device.
  • The best performance is achieved by placing your computer and WiDi receiver together.

Conclusion: On this page, you can download Intel WiDi Software for Windows 7 32 bit or 64 bit from the below-given download link, and easily manage it on your PC.

Filename: Intel WiDi Software Windows 7
Supports: Windows 7 (32-bit), Windows 7 (64-bit)
File type: w1iwd02us17.exe
Size: 221.07 MB