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HP Color Laserjet Pro m454dn Manual

As printers have a lot to do in the business world and office work. Transferring raw data in the form of texts and graphics on paper is one of the main processes that are carried out on the computer. There are many trusted companies that provide good quality and long-lasting functional computers and their related parts. 
HP is one of the oldest and most highly trusted and recommended brands used worldwide by millions of satisfied customers. This company keeps bringing new and improved devices into the market and, not to mention,  the surety of quality it gives is unmatched. HP is here again with a brand new printing device named HP Color Laserjet PRO M454dn.

Introduction to the New Color Laserjet Pro M454dn from HP

Well, this thing has simply saved lives. It’s so fast and efficient that various marketers and businessmen have got their jaws to drop. It has so many good features that sensible people will not waste a second buying and using it.

How is HP Color Laserjet PRO M454dn Beneficial for you:

Key Features
  • The amount of paper you use would drastically decrease, because this device can print on both sides of the paper, hence decreasing paper wastage.
  • It’s very quick in printing and showing paper out.
  • You can use this printer without a wire connection to your computer. As it can work with a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Printing can be done literally from anywhere because of its compatible ROAM.
  • This HP Color Laserjet PRO is super secure because it has high-security features protecting it from external invasions.
  • It has a Pin/Pull printing option that helps to keep confidential information with full proof of security.
  • It has the ability to take instant action against foreign invasion and a notification is sent to you about security being invaded.
  • This amazing device is very easy to manage, set, and regulate and is highly efficient.
  • Its small and convenient size takes small space and will make your office neat and spaced.
  • You don’t need to stress over adding an additional gadget to your already sophisticated office/ room.
  • It would not make you wait since it’s quick to do your printing.
  • It has a small touchscreen that enables you to work smoothly.
  • You would get rid of extra waste materials which original old versions of HP printers used to make. I.e paper, tonic, etc.
  • The default paper-saving option can definitely save you from wasting precious paper.
  • With so many amazing features this printer is also an energy saver. So the planet needs this a lot because we are already running out of energy.
  • The energy-saving mood has an auto-on or off option.
  • HP Color Laserjet Pro m454dn Datasheet

Overview: life has become super sophisticated nowadays. It’s hard to breathe extra from your schedules. Parents work their souls off to provide the best life for their children. They wake up early and leave before many of our days start. Yet they don’t make it back home even past midnights, when, again, their children are off to their beds already.
Working mothers find it extra stressful and struggle daily to give time to their families and children, let alone give themselves some time away from the stressful workload. In these difficult times, even small problems feel like huge mountains of anxiety and stress and even a small improvement in work cheers them up. The people working at offices, especially those working on the computer, could be challenging for them.
Sitting still at the same place gives them body pain and muscle strain. Fixing your eyes on the same screen for hours cause serious issues with the brain and eyesight particularly. Nevertheless, if better equipment is provided at workplaces employees tend to work better and their health issues don’t bother too much.

How to connect Hp Color Laserjet PRO to Computer Windows

  1. A USB flash drive with a capacity of Up to 16  is needed before setting this printer to work.
  2. Enable an administrator to excess USB function.
  3. Connect it to your computer by the wire that is provided.
  4. Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection option have their own setups inside the device, which you can avail yourself after turning it on
  5. To make the input maximum you can purchase paper accessories, that’s totally optional.
  6. It has a fixed range of printed papers for a period of time. I.e month.
HP Color Laserjet Pro M454dn Driver
Conclusion So, the new HP Color Laserjet Pro printer is here. The product doesn’t need any sort of long praising notes. As it directly comes from HP which is a leading technological brand/ company in the world today.
We have been using this brand excessively hence we know what’s needed to be said. So don’t delay buying it today and reduce stress from your hardworking employees if you aren’t running a business firm, have pity on yourself. Now just download HP Color Laserjet Pro M454dn Driver from the below-given link and install it on your Windows.

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HP Color Laserjet Pro M454dn Driver Software Solution

File Name: HP Color LaserJet Pro M453cdn/M454cdn/M454dn Printer Full Software Solution
File Size: 122.4 MB
Type: Driver-Product Installation Software
Version: 48.5.4620
Operating systems: Windows 7 (32-bit) Download

HP Color Laserjet Pro M454dn Driver for Printer

Name: HP Easy Start Printer Setup Software
File Size: 13.6.5
9.9 MB
Type: Driver-Product Installation Software
Version: 13.6.5
Operating systems: Windows 7 (32-bit) Download

HP Color Laserjet Pro M454dn Firmware

Filename: HP Color LaserJet Pro M454dn-M454nw Firmware Update Utility
Version: 002_2149A
Size: 55.2 MB
Type: Firmware
Supported OS: Windows 7 (32-Bit) Download