Realtek Ethernet Controller Driver> Using a wired internet connection has its own advantages at the same time it also has certain technicalities. For example, you might have been asked to check your Ethernet Cable by troubleshooting when an issue regarding internet connectivity was faced. Similarly, you might have also heard about Ethernet Drivers. 
What actually is this stuff? This article is going to answer all of your questions regarding Ethernet cable and Drivers. It will also introduce you to one of the best Ethernet Controller Drivers, that being, Realtek Ethernet Controller Driver.

What is Ethernet? What is a Ethernet used for?

An ethernet is a group of cables used for internet connections or connections between devices and local networks. These are usually connected in Ethernet ports and are used for wired internet connections. Ethernet cables are also used for connecting Wi-Fi Routers and Modems.

Realtek Ethernet Controller Driver

What is an Ethernet Controller Driver?

Drivers are software programs that monitor hardware-software interaction. Ethernet Drivers are responsible for monitoring the connection between the Operating System of PC and Local Area Network ports. These software programs are necessary for the proper functioning of the computer device. Ethernet Drivers regulate internet access, communication among various PCs, printers, and scanners. 

What is Realtek Ethernet Controller Driver?

Realtek Ethernet Controller Driver is a type of Ethernet driver and is responsible for the proper communication between Windows Operating Systems and Realtek Ethernet Cards. It is distributed as freeware. The most common version of Realtek Ethernet Driver is 10.1.505.2015 and it comprises 75% of installations.
Realtek Ethernet Controller Driver Windows 10 can be used with various devices such as computers, local networks, game controllers, printers, sound equipment, etc. It covers more than twenty different Ethernet and Wireless Adapter Drivers. Realtek Driver is compatible with all versions of the Windows Operating System including Windows XP. It can also be installed with Linux Operating System.

How Do fix Realtek Ethernet Controller Driver?

For many users, the driver stops working with the update of Windows 7/8/10. There are several ways of fixing the issues two of which are listed below.

  • Change Network Adapter properties and settings
  • To change network adapter properties and settings follow the below-listed steps
  • Press Windows key and X together
  • Choose Device Manager
  • Expand the Network Adapter heading by clicking on the arrow
  • Click Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller & select properties
  • Go to the advance tab
  • Choose speed and duplex on the left panel
  • Change the Auto-Negotiation to a different one in the Value Bar accordingly
  • Go to the left panel again and click on Energy Efficient Ethernet and choose to disable in the Value bar
  • Hit OK to save
  • Now go to the Power Management Tab
  • Check the box of "Allow a Desktop/PC to turn off this device to save the power"
  • Click O.K to save and exit

Reset TCP/IP. Reset Tcpip Windows 7

Transmission Control Protocol or Internet Protocol is simply the address of your device. It is the language through which your device connects with the outer world. Resetting your TCP/IP will revert your internet settings to where they worked. For doing so the steps are as follow;

  1. Press Windows key and X together.
  2. Choose Command Prompt (Admin).
  3.  Hit yes to continue.
  4. Enter the command provided and press enter.
Realtek Ethernet Controller Driver

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Realtek Ethernet Controller Driver Windows 7