Data management is one of the main concerns when running any business. While it can be hideous work manually, using the software (gym membership software free) can make the task more easy and efficient. The software provides simple solutions for increased organization and efficiency when running a business especially a Fitness Centre or a gym. Here are the 5 high-rated data management software for gym and fitness centers.

  1. PushPress Software

PushPress software was built in 2012 especially for the gym and Fitness Centre with a rating of 4.9/5. It is free software and does not charge anything initially but you need to pay for additional


Some of its main features are:

  1. It helps staff and owners in managing classes and privates at fitness centers and gyms.

  2. It regulates payments and makes it easy to keep accounts.

  3. PushPress also helps gyms and fitness centers in regulating the attendance of their customers.

  4. It manages leads.

  5. Maintains member relationships by providing an easy and user-friendly way of communication.

  1. Zen Planner Software

Zen Planner is a comprehensive member management software for affiliate gyms, yoga studios, martial arts schools, and boutique fitness studios. It has a rating of 4.4/5


  1. Provides payment processing and automated billing.

  2. Zen Planner is also an efficient tool for lead-converting fully integrated websites.

  3. It also has a self-service Kiosk iPad App.

  4. The software has engaging member apps for both Android and Apple devices.

  5. Easy to use staff Mobile App.

  6. Scheduling automation.

  7. Workout tracking for members and trainers.

  8. Zen Planner also provides Belt and Skill training.

  9. It also has email features to it so as provide an easy and accessible way of communication.

  10. Straightforward payment processing without any secret deals.

Data management software (gym membership software free) is a powerful tool and comes with various features. For gyms and fitness centers the most appealing features are looking after membership details, billing, marketing, class schedule, and a host of other growth-related tasks.

  1. Pike13

Pike13 is a software built for gyms, fitness studios, music and swim schools, education centers, and any other business that is based on an appointment or class model.


  1. Manage schedules and enrollments.

  2. Provides billing and payroll services.

  3. Keeps and updates client information.

  4. Pike13 has an intuitive and mobile-friendly interface.

  5. Provides free Mobile Apps.

  6. It also develops automated and targeted reports to help owners know the areas needed to be given more attention to developing a wider customer base.

  7. While using Pike13 you need not be worried about software setup as it provides an onboarding specialist to help guide software setup.

  8. This software also has a wonderful and highly responsive customer care team.

  1. Omnify Software

Omnify is a wonderful software system for gym management. Its reservation system is an all-in-one solution to streamline all aspects of business operations.


  1. Creates branded website.

  2. It supports multiple schedules for various facilities, amenities, and services.

  3. Omnify also generates automated emails so as to connect both the owner and the customer.

  4. Provides contactless check-ins.

  5. Has a lot of unique member benefits.

  6. By installing Omnify you have the chance to join the group of 5000+ businesses in 50+ global locations.


Installing software (gym membership software free) is quite technical but almost all are designed in a way to make it easy for setup and use. Plus you can’t always get quality services for free but agreeing on terms and conditions which can be helpful for both parties is one of the golden business rules. With this said let’s move on to the last but not least software on our list.

  1. Arbox

Arbox is designed specifically for fitness studios and gym owners. It has a rating of 4.8/5 and costs a $79.00 fee.


  1. Arbox has a sleek and easy-to-use solution to automate the daily operational tasks of owners and staff.

  2. It is user-friendly and time-saving.

  3. Provides easy schedule handling.

  4. It can also be used for staff and task management.

  5. Arbox also has automated payment processing.

  6. It provides real-time insights and reporting. 

  7. It is entirely cloud-based which enables owners and staff to manage their Centre with no location restrictions.

There are several other software too. You can find one according to your liking and need but we tried to give you a site to start with, we hope it meets your expectations.

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