Voice Recognition Software. Dragon Naturally Speaking Software home is a high-end and expensive software that allows you to orally compose a document and edit it, browse the Web, write emails, and do much more. Download Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 to save time and be more efficient with your work. It is a premier product for the continuous recognition of large vocabulary and natural speech.

With Dragon Naturally Speaking Download you can create documents quickly and easily with your voice without being slowed by your typing speed or your keyboard. You can easily dictate rather than type in any program that accepts text. Dragon Naturally Speaking Software recognizes natural and continuous speech and converts it to text.

gon Naturally Speaking software is developed for speech recognition. It understands natural speech and converts it into text. Not only that it can also get accustomed to your way of speaking over time giving you personalized suggestions and adjusting itself to your style.

  • Windows Compatible
You can easily Download and Install Dragon Naturally Speaking on your PC having any verified version of windows. 

  • Enhancing accuracy
Being accurate and to the point in what you are writing is one of the main goals every one of us has. In addition to out-of-the-box accuracy, Dragon NS13 introduces enhancements to what you can do to increase your accuracy. With its Vocabulary Editor, you can choose easy alternatives to your words to give it more depth and transfer the message wholly.

  • Learning Center
This is the new name given to the help menu in Dragon NS 13. It has been redesigned and enhanced and lists commands and advice, you can refer to as you work. By default, the Learning Center window is set to float but at a shorter height, to cover less of any window that might be under it.

  • Simplified Audio Setup
Dragon NS is now able to detect audio devices better. It presents a list of the detected devices, you can just pick the device it shows recommended and continue. Plus, the Microphone Check is now just one screen and the text easier to read.
  • Web Compatibility
Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 Premium supports dictation with Full-Text Control, as well as enhanced Command and Control with Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox.
  • Dragon Dictation
Dragon Naturally Speaking Software provides you with the best Dictation Support. It proofreads your dictation for errors, saving both your time and energy.

Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 Premium from Nuance is a window-compatible voice recognition software, which includes a standard headset and USB Adapter and can transcribe what you say faster than you can type it. The software can be used to compose and edit emails and Documents in Microsoft Office, Word Perfect X7, and Open Office Writer 4.1.

How to Install Dragon Naturally Speaking?

Before Installing or Upgrading the Software:

  1. Close all open applications
  2. Turn off or disable antivirus software

  • To start the installation process insert the Dragon DVD into your DVD Drive or Download Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium 13 Software.
  • After the wizard begins click next to proceed and select I accept the terms…, then click next.
  • Enter your username and Serial Number.
  • When the Setup Type page appears, click the change button and choose where to install or go with the default path. While you are still on the Setup Page select typical.
  • Click install to start the process.
  • Click finish when the prompt appears.


Now you have reached the right spot you can download free your required file from the below-given download link with a click. we have provided the link openly for your ease so that you would not face any trouble during downloading the file from our website.

Download Dragon Naturally Speaking Software Home