Hua Box Dongle tool latest version setup is available here to free download use the links given at the end of this post to download HUA Dongle Tool. This is basically a tool which allows you to direct unlock or flash any smartphone based on MediaTek chipset, and now this tool supports Qualcomm based Android phones. If you have an HUA Box and you want to use it as a flasher then you came to the right place here we are providing the latest and official download links for Hua Box. You can get you tool from the bottom by clicking on the given link to use you Hua Box as a Flasher. Grab your software from below link and enjoy flashing and unlocking your phones.

If you forget your phone password then you need this tool to unlock your phone. If the firmware of your phone is slow you need this tool to upgrade the firmware. This tool has many other features which are mentioned below read the full article to get more information about Hua Box features.

Features of Hua Box/tool:

  • One-click direct unlock for Samsung Exynos phones without root in 11 seconds.
  • One-click reset FRP for all Android phones by TWRP method.
  • One-click reset FRP for all Qualcomm phones (2016) by download mode.
  • One-click reset FRP for all Exynos phones (2016) by download mode.
  • One-click direct unlock for Motorola/ZTE/Xiaomi/Lenovo/LG and most other Qualcomm phones with and without root.
  • Huawei Hexagon phones supported the same Y625.
  • Repair sim lock/security with root.
  • One-click IMEI repair for Huawei Windows phone same W1 without root.
  • Repair IMEI and security for Huawei Qualcomm phones after the change of eMMC IC.
  • Direct unlock for most Huawei Qualcomm phones (with root).
  • Write flash for Huawei Qualcomm phones (fast-boot mode).
  • One-click IMEI repair for ZTE Hexagone phones without root.
  • Reset FRP in Fastboot mode for Qualcomm phones.
  • Reset FRP in Fastboot mode for Huawei SPD phones.
  • Reset FRP in Fastboot mode for MTK phones.
  • Read and write QCN/SEC/NVM for all Qualcomm phones.
  • Enable diag with root for most Qualcomm phones.
  • Repair DRK with UART cable for new Samsung phones.
  • Read unlock bootloader code for Huawei Qualcomm and Hisilicon phones (authorization by HDE pack is required).
  • Write flash for Huawei Hisilicon phones (Fastboot mode).
  • Read and write NV for most of Hisilicon phones.
  • One-click IMEI null repair for some Hisilicon phones.
  • One-click IMEI repair for some HTC phones without root.
  • One-click direct unlock for all Samsung Qualcomm phones without root.
  • One-click direct unlock with root for some Exynos phones.
  • Read and write security for all Samsung Exynos phones.
  • Wipe EFS for all Samsung Qualcomm phones.
  • Auto IMEI repair for most Samsung Qualcomm phones (no need to select or download cert)
  • Read and write flash for AllWinner phones.
  • One-click reset FRP for LG phones without root.
  • One-click direct unlock for most LG Qualcomm phones.
  • Reset screen lock without USB debugging and root for most LG Qualcomm phones.
  • Read, write and reset security for all LG Qualcomm phones.
  • Reset screen lock for most Qualcomm phones.
  • Reset FRP for most Samsung phones.
  • Direct unlock of bootloader for most Qualcomm phones in Fastboot mode.
  • Remove all Android viruses with a new method.
  • Unlock of Coolpad phones 3622A/3320A.
  • Huawei modem calculator code.
  • One-click root for some Android versions.
  • One-click wipe for most Android phones.
  • Enable all languages for Samsung/Huawei/HTC phones.
  • Read and write NVRAM for most MTK phones.
  • Format and flash for some MTK phones.
  • Direct unlock for most MTK phones.
  • One-click invalid IMEI repair for most MTK phones.
  • Reset screen lock for most MTK phones without USB debugging and root.
  • Reset FRP for Samsung 2016 phones by the combination method.
  • Reset FRP for Samsung 2017 phones by ADB mode.
  • Write a special patch file for all Samsung phones.
  • Reset screen lock for Samsung 2016/2017/2018 phones (download mode).
  • Reset screen lock for Samsung phones if FRP is on.
  • Reset FRP with UART mode.

HUA Dongle is created by famous AsanSam Team and combines 2 solutions: Hua Tool and HDE Tools.     also read>>>> (Asansam Box v2.6.5 Full Setup)

Initially created with MediaTek chipset support, HUA Dongle now supports Qualcomm and Android-based phone models. Download link is read at the end click on it to get your free software. Remember one thing don't forget to take a backup of your all data before flashing your phone. After a successful flash, you will lose your all data from your phone the backup file allows you to recover your data.

Download link:

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