Redmi 4X USB Driver
Welcome to Drivers Forum, today we are present here with a very needed and very helpful driver, which is known as <Redmi USB Driver and Fastboot Driver>. when you try to connect your Redmi 4x to the PC or other any operating system so that time you will be faced some issues because you have not installed the drivers of your phone. 
but you don't need to worry about this issue we have brought out the simple solution for this problem here. 
whenever you want to connect your phone to the PC, want to transfer data or to Flash Stock Firmware, then Xiaomi USB Driver and Fastboot Driver is must be installed on your computer. and without drivers, you can't do all those something. 
you are just required to download and install the drivers on your computer. Xiaomi USB Driver is a must for the connecting process these Drivers will enable you to create a strong connection between your Windows PC & Xiaomi Redmi 4x.
Xiaomi Redmi USB Driver: are you know what is USB Driver? are you know about its usage? if your answer is no then read this article carefully. this is a special type of file that allows connecting your mobile phone via a USB data cable to the computer and laptop Windows operating systems. 

using these great drivers you can manage your PC easily and you can do many things directly from your computer/laptop, and you can share photos, phonebook, applications, videos, messages, and other a lot of things between mobile and the PC.

Xiaomi Android ADB & Fastboot Drivers: What is Fastboot Driver and what does work? Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool are a small useful file created by shimp208 (XDA developer) it enables you to install the latest version of ADB and Fastboot files on your Windows-PC without the requirement of installing the complete Android SDK package.

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Supported Windows Operating Systems
⇒Windows 7 32 bit
⇒Windows 7 64 bit
⇒Windows 8 32 bit
⇒Windows 6 64 bit
⇒Windows 8.1 32 bit & 64-bit
⇒Windows XP x64
⇒Windows 10 32-bit
⇒Windows 10 64-bit

Note: it doesn't matter that you are using which Windows, it can be installed on in all those Windows operating systems which are mentioned above. 

if even then that you are facing any trouble during downloading or installing Xiaomi ADB and Fastboot Drivers and USB Driver then instantly contact us through comments from below given box. now just download the Drivers.

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Redmi 4X USB Driver