Here we are providing another amazing software for your Windows, Linux, and Mac. The Baofeng UV 5R Programming software chirp is available here on this page to download you get your free software from the below links just click on the given link to start the download.

This page provides general tips and troubleshooting for the Baofeng UV-5R, UV-82, The UV-5R is the base model for a lot of variants, so this page will apply to many more people than just those with that specific badge on their radio. This information is a summarized version of the Miklor page on the subject. Go there for more detailed information.

There is, in most cases, almost no actual difference between the variants, which is very confusing for customers. It's difficult to find a genuine driver and cable. Here on this page, we provided the original link of the genuine programming cable driver you can find it easily at the end of this post These are the devices that support Baofeng software chirp except F-11. 
  • 997-S:
  • B-580T
  • BF-E500S
  • BF-F8/BF-F8+
  • BF-F9
  • BF-UVB2 Plus
  • F-11: Import Communications
  • FF-12P
  • GT-3/GT3 MK2
  • RH5R:
  • RT-5R/RT-5RV:
  • RT5 with 2 power levels:
  • UV-5R V2+
  • UV-5R+/UV-5R+Plus
  • UV-5R2
  • UV-5RA/UV-5RA+/UV-5RAX+
  • UV-5RAX (2M/1.25M)
  • UV-5RB
  • UV-5RC/UV-5RCX+
  • UV-5RCX (2M/1.25M)
  • UV-5RD
  • UV-5RE/UV-5RE Plus
  • UV-5RG
  • UV-5RK
  • UV-5RQ
  • UV-5RS
  • UV-5RT
  • UV-5RU
  • UV-5S
  • UV-5X
  • UV-920
  • UV-B2 Plus
  • UV-B3 Plus
  • UV-E5/UV-E5 MK2:
  • ZT-V8/ZT-V8A/ZT-V8A+
Baofeng UV-5R Programming Chirp Cable Driver

Features of Baofeng Programming Software
  • XLT Painless Programming Cable
  • Model: RPC-K1-UF.
  • Support all Windows versions.
  • A true plug-n-play solution!
  • Genuine FTDI chip
  • No legacy or third-party drivers required
  • Length: 3ft. (91.44cm)
  • Works with Baofeng UV-5R, UV-B6, BF-F9, and other Baofeng radios, Kenwood two-pin radios, Wouxun, Puxing, Weierwei, Quansheng, and other two way radios with a Kenwood connector.

Some companies use cloned programming software with an original stamp always check the cable before use. Always try to use a genuine cable driver or programming cable don't use cheap cables.

If you don't know how to use this software then read the following steps carefully then you will be able to install this software successfully on your computer or laptop. After reading this information you still unable to install Baofeng programming software on your PC then let us know ur problem through the comments below in the comments section.

How to Use Baofeng USB Programming Cable

  • First of all on your computer and turn off your radio
  • Download the USB programming cable driver from the below link
  • Locate the correct USB programming driver for your operating system. You can download the Prolific driver for Windows, Mac, and Linux from here.
  • Install the USB Driver cable on your computer
  • Plug the USB programming cable into the USB port on your computer. Plug the other end of the cable into your radio and turn it on
  • Run the CHIRP Programming Software. Click Go to Radio on the menu bar and choose Download From Radio. Choose the COM Port number for the USB cable, the Vendor (Baofeng), and the model of the radio (such as UV-5R) from the drop-down lists in the pop-up box. Your radio should be connected to the computer and CHIRP should now be able to communicate with it
The download links given here are the latest free and safe. If any link doesn't work properly or any link is broken then tell us through comments we will update the post and will give you the most recent links.

If you are looking for all the related files of Baofeng UV-5R Programming Chirp Cable Driver then you are needed to find one-by-one all the files. but we have listed some useful files for your ease below, which you can see in the list and find easily.

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How to program UV 5r with computer

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