Welcome to our website once again. after sharing BaoFeng USB Driver, today we are going to publish BaoFeng Programming USB Cable Driver for Windows 10 32 bit & 64-bit operating systems for free. you just need to download and install the latest version driver from the given download link. Because of Prolific USB Serial chip <clones> found in nonexclusive USB programming cable, an older driver is required in lieu of the one provided by Windows.
FTDI BaoFeng Programming Cable Driver: BaoFeng Tech provides USB cables for your PC Windows, Mac, and Linux. which, are works with your operating system's default drivers. you no need to install more drivers via CD or other sources.
it will allow you to download drivers automatically via your operating system. it's absolutely free for all Windows. like, Windows 7 32 bit/ Windows 7 64, Windows XP 32 bit / Windows XP 64 bit / Windows 8/ Windows 8.1 32 bit & 64 bit, and as well as Windows 10 especially.

How to Install BaoFeng Programming USB Cable Driver

  • You can download the Prolific driver for Windows, Mac, and Linux at miklor.com/com/uv_drivers If you purchased the Baofeng UV Series USB Programming Cable from Buy Two Way Radios, the driver for Windows will be on the CD included with the cable in the USB Cable Driver folder. Insert the CD and go to USB Cable Driver > USB Cable Driver Prolific This is the correct driver.

  • Install the USB programming cable driver NOT connecting the USB cable at this time.

  • Locate the CHIRP Programming Software for your operating system. The latest stable build for Windows XP, 7, 8, MAC, and Linux can be downloaded from chirp.danplanet.com Download. It is also included on the Buy Two Way Radios CD in the CHIRP Programming Software folder. Choose the appropriate folder for your operating system. Install the program but do not run it yet.

  • Plug the USB programming cable into the USB port on your computer. Plug the other end of the cable into your radio and turn it on.

Remember, it doesn't matter that you are using Windows 10, Windows XP, or Windows 7, etc. it can be used with any Windows operating system. but it's tested and 100% working on Windows 10 32 bit and Windows 10 64 bit OS this time.
but we cannot guarantee for all time working, if you are facing trouble during downloading or using BaoFeng Programming USB Cable Driver then just contact us via comments, we will try our best to guide you. now click on the link URL to begin downloading for free.

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  • BaoFeng USB Programming Cable Driver Download (Exe File) (1.97MB)
  • BaoFeng Programming USB Cable Driver Download (Zip File) (1.77MB)

  • MAC Driver for Prolific Cables 

PL2303 USB to Serial Driver for Mac OS X

PL2303 Prolific Windows v1.20.0       Mac OS X / Lion Drivers Tools