How-To-Transfer-Files-From-Laptop-To-iPhoneBefore I move on to tell you what this article is really about and what I am going to teach you in this tutorial, you need to know what is iTunes? iTunes is an official and quickest utility designed for the Apple phone and other devices to connect them to a computer and transfer all the important media including pictures, videos, and all of your important files. 
Also, you need iTunes when you need to make a backup of your phone before doing any process such as jailbreaking your iPhone or flashing it. Let us now begin with our real purpose.
Now I am going to show you can transfer files from your laptop to the iPhone without using iTunes. In fact, there is no such way to do all the functions you perform with the help of iTunes since Apple only allows you access to your iPhone if you connect it via iTunes. But since sharing and transferring images to your laptop is the main purpose most of the time, you are going to learn that in this step-by-step guide below. So, let's begin.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Transferring Files from Laptop to iPhone Without iTunes.

Note: Make sure that iTunes is not installed while you do this process because it may cause interference. If iTunes is installed on your laptop, it will come in between the connection between the laptop and your iPhone and you will not be able to do this process.

1. Connect your iPhone to the laptop using a USB cable and choose the trust option when it pop-ups on your iPhone screen.

2. AutoPlay features will then come into effect and open up the small window asking what to do with this device? Choose Import Pictures and Videos from the given options.

3. You will be asked to add an Input tag name and it should be Optional.

4. Now start the process of transferring files from your laptop to your iPhone and transfer as many files as you want.

5. This was all and since I told you that there is no complex process involved to do this thing.

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Now, these were a few easy steps to transfer files from your laptop to your iPhone. There is another guide in which you can learn to transfer your photos and videos from your iPhone to your computer without iTunes on our site. Wasn't this guide really easy? If you liked this guide then don't forget to give us your feedback and keep visiting our website for tech guides and stuff.
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