Intel Dh61WW Driver Windows 7/10 Free Download
Intel dh61ww is a desktop board that has been one of the most successful Intel products for desktop computers. If you lately bought this board or already have one and you came looking for the drivers on our site and then you definitely are at the right place.

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Intel dh61ww Updated Features and Specs.

1. The Intel® H61 Express Chipset does not support RAID. References to RAID in the Technical Product Specification will be deleted in the next revision of the manual.

2. The maximum memory supported will be changed from 16 GB to 8 GB in all affected sections of the Technical Product Specification in the next revision of the manual.

3. Intel® Desktop Boards DP67DE, DP67BA, DZ68DB, DH67BL, DH67GD, DH67CL, DH61SA, DH61CR, DH61BE, and DH61WW do not support PCI add-in cards that utilize a PCI Express to PCI bridge component.
A resource conflict between the affected board and the PCI Express to PCI bridge component included in some PCI card designs (usually video cards, and digital video capture cards) results in the PCI card not being recognized by Intel.

4. PCI cards utilizing a PCI Express to PCI bridge chip will not be recognized or function when plugged into any PCI slot on the affected Intel Desktop boards.

5. PCI cards that do not include a PCI Express to PCI bridge chip will operate normally.

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