Hello, Readers! Welcome to Drivers Forum. A place where you can get the best and trusty drivers for your any kind of electronic devices such as USB boxes, phones, and computers, etc. Today, I am here to give you drivers for all the HTC phones and their USB drivers. These drivers can be downloaded for all the major windows operating systems such as Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and some even 10. These drivers are tried and tested and you can feel free do download them since they don't contain any viruses or unwanted files. All you have got to do is to follow the links at the end of this post and then download the drivers to install them. The installation procedure is easy but still, I will add a standard procedure below which will make it easier for you to download.

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HTC is a big mobile franchise that is known for its amazing smartphones. It is one of those smartphone companies that laid the foundations of this type of phones. They have produced some great quality of smartphones and these phones are used and loved all over the world for their features and amazing specifications. For these phones to give their best performance, you will need their USB drivers. These drivers can be download from the root website or also from our website and you can trust us like the root website. You would know if you have already been here before. Get the best phone drivers for your HTC here which are tested and trustworthy. These drivers do not involve a complex installation procedure but still, I will mention a short procedure below to download and install the drivers. These drivers are completely free which can be download and installed very easily for your device.

Installation Guide:

This is a standard procedure to download and install these drivers on your PC.

1. Follow the link given below for the drivers to download.
2. Choose them according to the operating system you have.
3. Once the drivers are download, extract them.
4. Open the setup.exe and install the drivers and start using them.

Download USB Driver
Download Sync Manager
Download HTC 10 Sync Manager
Download HTC_Mobile_Driver_v4.17.0.001 .zip